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Our Core Values

We made this blog because we believe roofers should come to one place to receive good roofing information presented to them. 

We believe in the revolutionary idea that your roof requires the foundation of a solid base: an ongoing relationship that is built to last. As the most respected commercial industrial roofing contractor our main goal is to continue to build upon our relationships by anticipating the needs of your roof rather than the next purchase. With a solid foundation founded on honesty and integrity, through outstanding engineering and excellent customer service We hope you will trust us now and in the years to come.

Commercial roofing contractors who have an Engineering Focus

From replacement of your roof, to rehabilitation using coatings the path to getting your roofing issues resolved begins with us listening. Your first meeting with our highly-trained and accredited engineers will highlight another advantage to selecting an international contractor that has the resources you require anytime you require them. Are you in need of a 24-hour emergency response? With our 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Service Department and the industry’s most efficient proactive maintenance system RoofGuard You can rest at ease. As your trusted commercial roofing company You also get affordable prices on everything from snow removal, leak repairs as well as custom-designed metal fabrications as well as energy audits, analysis and analyses.

Our Foundation? A Family Legacy of Love Involved in Roofing for more than 40 years

The power of people, great ideas and values which work together.These characteristics are the foundation to our continued growth and our outstanding satisfaction of our customers in both industrial and commercial roofing. 

Transformation of Commercial Roofing

In the past roofing contractors churned out day workers willing to endure the harsh heat and arduous work of putting up or replacing commercial roofs. It was not uncommon for turnover to be high, if not pride and experience–ran at a high. In contrast at the very beginning North American Roofing was founded on a team-based and family model. In recruiting and hiring on the basis of the character of its employees, their morality, and integrity The Verbles brought together the kinds of people you’d like to be able to stand in the way of the constant elements.

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