Environmentally friendly roofing options

Environmentally friendly roofing options

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly roofing options in your area, you might be surprised to learn that there is a lot of choice. Many options will be more affordable than other materials used on residential roofs. Your roof actually makes an enormous impact on the surrounding environment. It’s important to find a company that uses green roofing products and has experienced workers that understand the value of building green.

One of the most environmentally friendly roofing options is to use reclaimed wood or metal roofs. The good news is, with the advances in recycling technology, there are many recycled options available today. There are environmentally friendly roofing options on the market today that were not available 10 years ago. The experts at Lanier Roofing Concepts know exactly what those options are today.

One of the most environmentally friendly roofing options in South Florida are clay tiles and slate roofs. You can also find slate roofs made from recycled plastic. These are just a few examples of the clay tiles, slate roofs and plastic roof choices available to you. In addition, if you have a large area that needs covering, you might consider building raised areas in which you plant flowers and plants. Not only do they make attractive landscaping features, but they can also reduce water runoff into your yard and drain away unhealthy elements.

If you are trying to reduce your energy bills, another of the environmentally friendly roofing options is solar panels. Solar panels are one of the easiest and most efficient methods of creating renewable energy. Today, you can install solar panels on your roof. Once they are in place, you can collect and store energy from the sun to power your home, appliances and even heat your swimming pool. When the sun goes down, the solar panels collect energy and send it back to the power company in a battery. This means that you won’t have to rely on your local power company for electricity anymore.

For homeowners in Florida, recycled shingles may be one of the environmentally friendly roofing options that you want to explore. In addition to saving you money on your utility bill, recycled shingles are extremely durable. In fact, many times they can last up to twenty years or longer. In addition to being extremely durable, they are made using recycled materials, so you know they are safe for your family to use.

Of course, one of the most eco-friendly roofing options in South Florida is to tear down your present roof and use sustainable materials in its place. For homeowners in this area who are looking to protect the environment, there is a whole host of eco-friendly roofing materials available. These include cedar shakes, cork shakes, leaf caps and lots more.

One environmentally friendly roofing option that is becoming increasingly popular is the installation of organic shingles. These shingles use natural products such as straw, coconut coir and coconut fiber. They also use resins and earth binders to help protect them from the elements. To make these cool roofs last, the manufacturers of these organic shingles will often insulate them with a type of foam. This extra layer of insulation not only protects the green shingles from the weather, it also makes sure that they stay cool during the summer and provide plenty of shade during the winter.

If you have been looking for an environmentally friendly roofing option in Florida, you might want to take a look at the new organic wood shingles that are becoming available. These are much more durable than the old wood shingles, which meant that they were less eco-friendly. Now though, the new organic shingles come with lots of great advantages to them. They are made from organic materials, which means no more toxic chemicals, and they are much more durable than their older cousins, which means they will last much longer.

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